Some months ago Forbes magazine released a list of the Top 10 most disliked sports people in the USA. Naturally Lance Armstrong topped that list and I’ll put my chop on the block and say that election wasn’t rigged. So who in South Africa would qualify? Let’s have a look at some candidates…

Finally I came 1st in something...

Finally Lance came 1st in something. Legitimately.

When considering such a list we should consider ‘athletes’ across all disciplines of knobness. We should also not be swayed by the junk we get fed on mainstream sites about how ‘great’ some of these blokes are. You just have to read some of the drivel written about Louis Luyt after his death to understand that. Glowing tributes all round!  A ‘great man’ he was not. I am however not going to include administrators in this list, that’s just plain unfair to the athletes as they wouldn’t get a look in!

Jabu Pule (Mahlangu)

Arrested driving a stolen vehicle, crashed car whilst under the influence, stints in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse, missed numerous training sessions and so his wikipedia credentials go on and on. Certainly a candidate for most disliked sportsman in South Africa. Oh and he changed his name.

Oscar Pistorius

Accusing your opponent who has just beaten you of cheating is not cool. “We are not running in a fair race. I don’t know how you can come back, watching the replay, from eight metres behind on the 100 to win. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” Pistorius said. Rich. And I’m not talking about his bank balance. Throw in alleged threats of breaking someone’s legs, an arrest for assault (although he was later acquitted), an alleged accidental discharge of a firearm at Melrose Arch and of course the absolute clincher the shooting of his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Disliked may be a little too tame for this tonsil.


Classified as a ‘Horror’ in most good DVD stores

Hansie Cronje

Cronje remains a polarising figure. I’m not really sure how that works considering he is possibly the biggest cheat to have ever thrown a cricket ball (and match). How can you support the man? The fact that Cronje lulled us into his ‘nice guy’ net, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dislike him. He embarrassed and betrayed a country and that’s something no WWJD bracelet is going to fix.

Luke Watson

Watson’s comments about puking on a Springbok jersey were never going to win him any friends. His dad Cheeky wasn’t either. Luke has in the last couple of years tried to make amends for some of his misgivings but I fear he will go down as one of the least popular South African rugby players of all time. The term Dutchman is also best dished out to those wearing clogs Luke, not the blokes drinking brandewyn running SA Rugby.

Kevin Pietersen

Just because our friend Kevin plays for England doesn’t mean he’s not South African. And a twat. Ask his team mates. The prosecution rests, your Honour.

Who else would feature on your top 10 list of South African sports twats? Send me your suggestions on twitter @sportbillysays or leave me a comment below.

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