Tuesday means that it is time to announce the ‘Willy’ of the week in a sporting context. Like most weeks this week has seen many upstanding members vying for the honour…

Official sports drink of the Sportwilly of the week

Official sports drink of the Sportwilly

Mickey Arthur and/or Shane Watson get an honourable mention. The idiots that run Athletics South Africa also rose to the occasion as they impeached their president in their ongoing ‘are we bankrupt or not’ saga that only Graeme Joffe really understands. But when the votes were tallied it had to be the idiots in the crowd who ended up coming to blows over people sitting in the wrong seats at the Sharks vs. Kings game at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in PE.

I was at the game and the atmosphere was amazing. Things turned a little sour for me when the ‘boo boys’ decided to try and give Pat Lambie a rev every time he lined up for a kick. Believe me that you won’t just find yobbos at a soccer game. I did my bit and threw some profanities my mother wouldn’t be proud of in their general direction.

The crowd rose to their feet a little later, not to watch the rugby but rather to see who came out tops in perhaps the most physical encounter of the game. In the stands this fight broke out.

SARU needs to work to ban morons like this from ever watching a rugby game in South Africa again. Even on TV.

You’re a disgrace to our country you fucktards.

The bloke throwing his beer deserves a special mention. And he wasted it on a complete twat.

See you next Tuesday.

P.S. @followthebounce has some very pertinent questions to ask around this fight and some additional footage. Click here.

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